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Quick-E Clean is dedicated to meeting your unique commercial cleaning needs with quality eco-friendly products and practices. We offer core services to address the high-traffic areas of your facility and establish a standard of cleanliness that is enhanced by our a-la-carte services- tailoring your cleaning service to meet your specific needs.


Take a look at our commercial service list below to determine how we can best serve you.

Office Building


-Office buildings

-Schools & daycares

-Medical facilities

-Churches & places of worship

-Event halls

-Nightclubs & lounges

-Auto dealerships

-Fitness centers

-Dance studios

-Warehouses & manufacturing site cleaning

-And more...

Business Team


-Clean, disinfect, & replenish restrooms

-Clean & disinfect accessible hard surfaces

-Clean mirrors & glass surfaces

-Empty & sanitize trash & recycling receptacles

-Mop hard flooring (wet and/or dry)

-Vacuum soft flooring & area rugs 

-Dusting & cobweb removal

-Clean & disinfect entry/exit doors

-Sanitize major touch-points (door knobs, light switches, and cabinet handles)

Cleaning Computer Keyboard


-Interior & exterior windows

-Pressure washing

-Wall & baseboard cleaning

-Toy soak sanitization

-Refrigerator and/or freezer clean-out

-Break room/office kitchen dishes

-Light fixture dusting and wipe-down 

-Pre & post event deep cleaning

*A-la-carte services are only available upon booking a service package with a Quick-E Clean team member, with the exception of the Pre & Post Event Deep Cleaning option which can be booked as a stand alone service.

**Estimates provided are based on the size of the property in square feet.**

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